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First and foremost, all of the content available on this website are the properties of their respective creators. We don't claim ownership over any of the renders seen on this site, or any of the product names either. If you're looking for the creators of those works, you can figure that out by diving further into the links we've aggregated.


We, as in Graham Barber, do take ownership over the code used to create and maintain this website. It's all available on Github, so you can check it out there. It is released under an MIT license, at least for the time being.


We are not taking sponsorships in exchange for promoting your group buy ahead of other group buys. Everything on the Group Buys page is and always will be sorted chronologically—that is, until we add alphabetical sorting.

However, we are looking for sponsorships so that we can maintain this website in the long term. This might result in an advertising corner of the website, or a promotional section in our newsletter. The details are up for debate, so reach out to us on Discord at PureGarlic#7300 so we can work something out. We're buckling up for the long haul, and we're looking to take some others for the ride with us.

Tracking and Analytics

We use tracking and analytics tools for measuring our performance. Currently, we don't have an opt-out option, but it's on our mind.

Keeb DB is an archiving effort designed to help preserve the history of the mechanical keyboards community and make the mechanical keyboards community more accessible to prospective enthusiasts.
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